Humidity Control / Moisture Removal with Bry-Air Dehumidifier

Environmental variables like humidity and temperature levels can affect eye surgery results, surgery instruments and increases the number of people who need follow-up procedures.

Humidity control, is considered the most important of all the variables that affects the outcome of the laser based eye surgeries. Research shows that eye surgeries performed in the hottest and most humid months (typically, July, August and September) require more corrective procedures later, when compared to surgeries done during other months
Uncontrolled humidity in the laser surgery rooms lead to various problems like :
» “Laser” strength reduced: Moisture in the air decrease the laser energy absorbed by the stroma, the thickest layer of tissue in the cornea

Also, some patients' corneas may become more hydrated before the procedure, making it more difficult for the laser to remove tissue

» Higher the humidity, lesser the affect of the laser

Humidity control using Desiccant Dehumidifiers offer the simplest and most cost effective solution to moisture/humidity control in eye surgery rooms.

Bry-Air Desiccant Dehumidifier in conjunction with an air-conditioner to maintain the ideal environmental conditions critical for eye surgery. Bry-Air can also package/engineer a dehumidifier with a cooling option to maintain humidity as well as temperature
Bry-Air Dehumidifiers maintain required humidity conditions irrespective of ambient humidity, thus the “seasonal” humidity problem is totally eliminated
 Dehumidifiers on Rental for Short Term Humidity Control needs for Healthcare

Technical Drying Services offers dehumidification and temperature control equipment for seasonal and short term requirement. Our technical team can help you maintain the recommended Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature as per requirement

 Odour Control, Gas Filtration in Pharma & Animal Rooms with Bry-Air EcoScrub

Air contamination inside the labs can lower the rates of success and may hamper the research projects. Animal’s excreta, strains and other wastes generally lead to origination of obnoxious foul odor or smell. Apart from these various chemicals are being used as a part of the research project which adds to the release of various gases. Foul odor and smell creates discomfort for the people working inside the lab.

The facility can reduce these odors and remove the contaminants by adsorbing the gaseous contaminants through the method of chemisorption. Bry-Air EcoScrub Gas Phase Filtration system removes contaminants and other sources of air pollution and thus eliminates odor by removing corrosive gases through the process of adsorption and chemisorption
 IAQ, Odour Control & Energy Recovery, Dry Energy Wheels, Treated Fresh Air
Nowhere, is the importance of IAQ as critical as in hospitals and health care facilities. Continual advances in medicine and technology necessitate the air-conditioning of hospitals and medical facilities. Often, relatively high energy cost of air conditioning leads to inadequate and improperly designed systems with not enough care to factor in specific requirements for ventilation, filtration and cross contamination. Modern healthcare facilities, whether they are hospitals, clinics or doctor offices, have to pay particular attention to indoor air as people who visit them are frequently ill and are susceptible to developing adverse health reactions to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). In addition, some hospitals have special units such as:
» Surgical suites

Postoperative recovery rooms

» ICUs
» Burn wards
» Isolation units
» Radiology department
» Laboratories
» Infectious disease and virus labs
» Autopsy rooms ...
that have special Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) requirements

The Operation Theaters one needs 100% fresh air (5 to 15 air changes) and in ICUs, you need 2 air changes, as per ASHRAE standard.

The FlexAir Treated Fresh Air (TFA) Unit with EcoFresh Inside, exhausts stale, contaminated, conditioned room air and exchanges it with fresh outdoor recovering upto 75% energy from exhaust air through a next-generation EcoFresh enthalpy rotor.
 Compressed Air Dryers for Healthcare
Dry Compressed Air is required in Healthcare facilities to operate :
» Surgical instruments such as saws and pneumatic drills like bone drilling machine

Life support equipment like ventilators

» Respiratory therapy apparatus
» Hyperbaric chamber
» Pneumatic tool for dental surgery
» Carrier gas in anesthesia in place of oxygen which is very special

These critical process requires dry compressed air. Delair Compressed Air Dryer – Refrigeration Type and Desiccant Type removes moisture from compressed air

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